Friday, November 1, 2013


Get ready to die. From cuteness. And the best costume ever. James was old enough this year to pick his own costume and he of course chose Peter Pan. Though a ninja turtle and Captain Hook were close seconds. 

My mom and I made the costume and I'm so proud of it! James already had the hat and sword and Freshly Picked moccs make for the perfect Pan shoes so we just had to dye the tee and tights green, fringe out the tee, and add a belt. So easy. 

Last week Friday we went to the Fuller Seminary Annual Harvest Festival in Pasadena with some friends and James had a blast. I'll start by posting the photos I took there- 

James had so much fun dressing up for the harvest festival that when he woke up the next day he was sobbing to wear the costume again. He kept crying- "BABY WEAR PETER PAN TIGHTS!" Yes, he calls himself baby. It was so painfully cute. I just couldn't let him wear it every day though or else it would have been ruined before Halloween. Anyway! It was a huge hit. 

On Halloween we got back into the costume and went trick or treating around our neighborhood. Wow, they go all out, and I love that! We live in a neighborhood where every home is a million dollar home so the candy is amazing! (No, we don't own a million dollar home). My mom and sister came out and We went for two hours and had a blast. James kept saying - candy basket, HEAVY! A sure sign that he got a ton of candy. He loved every bit of it and so did I! I love Halloween through James' eyes and can't wait for next year. 

Here's some photos I took- 

And me and my sister- 

Now that Halloween is over I'm going to let James wear his costume as much as he wants because I don't care if it gets dirty or ruined now. It is seriously his dream come true to dress up like Peter Pan. Candy aside, the costume is definitely what Halloween is all about. Seeing my boys face light up when he puts on his Pan suit, that's priceless. Make believe, imagination, being a kid... That's what Halloween is all about. Experiencing this holiday through the eyes of my son was way better than any Halloween I ever had as a kid. 

Might just be my new favorite holiday. Thank you James, for bringing me light and love and for giving me the chance to experience this holiday all over again!


  1. I can't even comment because I just died from cuteness overload!!! Great job on that costume. :)