Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday School Style

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that every Sunday I post a picture of James rocking his #sundayschoolstyle. 
Usually I just snap one photo but today I thought I would take several and share them all with you here in a post. 

I am so excited that this top finally fits James. I bought it from a vintage store over a year ago and I am so excited he can finally wear it!

James is such a little ham. He's always posing and always smiling for pictures. He always says- CHEESE! Too. It's pretty great. We are pretty excited because two clothing lines actually recently approached us to see if James would model for them. He has been on Hello Apparel's website which was exciting for us but these will be actual shoots so I could not be more excited. I will be sharing more on that later!!

Enjoy your day everyone! Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details- 

Top- vintage 

Jeans- H&M

Moccs- c/o Freshly Picked

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