Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meet Sweet Luka Mo

Another new and recent favorite of mine. This shop is run by the sweetest most talented mom and has amazing leggings (among other things) which are always my favorite. Her signature heart pattern comes on tees, raglans and sweatshirts and is super cute! She has a wide range of leggings- some which are classic and neutral while still being fun and unique and others that are funky and fresh!

These items are quality, made to last, stylish, and totally unisex so if you've got boys who are hard to shop for, this is your new go to! 

Her items pair well with everything meaning you can snag a pair of pants and put them with scads of tees and tops your child already has. They are very soft and comfortable so your little ones will LOVE wearing them!

Check out my favs-


  1. Okay seriously, the person who invented leggings deserves a Nobel Prize...

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Seriously!! Have you started baby shopping yet?? Or are you waiting til you find out what you're having??