About James, his family, and this blog.

This is our family. We also have the cutest shih tzu in the world named Sweet Lou who you will see around these parts. My husband and I were married in 2009 and we welcomed our super star James into our lives in 2011.

James' favorite place on Earth is the playground so we go almost every day. He is a little guy who has a big personality. He is smart as a whip, would eat fruit for every meal if you let him, is obsessed with playing swords, and LOVES Disneyland, Disney characters, and Disney movies. Currently he is obsessed with Finding Nemo and Up and wants to watch them five times a day. If I try to be sneaky and put another movie on, he will come over, grab my face, and say in the sweetest voice ever- "Mommy, Nemo?" So Nemo (or Up) it is.. Always.  My kid also has a crazy thing for all things pirates. Jake, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, pirate hats, ships, and swords... His favorite character ever is even Smee. James is a happy baby who brings us joy every single day.

I am a stay at home mom to James. I am a senior editor at Baby Gizmo where I blog for an actual job. I have always loved writing and since starting a blogging job I have realized that it really is my passion. Because I love writing and taking photos of my son, this blog was formed.

I created Daily James first and foremost to document my ever changing son, James. I wanted a place where I could post one simple photo of James a day so that one day I can look back and have an easy place to view these precious memories. Besides creating this blog for a keepsake, I created it in the hopes that I may be able to inspire and help other moms with baby boys in keeping their sons fashionable and trendy. Shopping for boys can be very hard, and when I first learned I was having a boy, I was stumped. Stores were filled with frills and lace and the boys sections were always seriously lacking. As James grew, I started getting better and better at shopping for him. My love of fashion was not just fashion for myself anymore, but rather for my son, too. I like dressing him in unique, amazing styles and moms are always stopping to ask me where his outfits are from. I hope that this blog will help give other moms great ideas!

While James and "fashion for littles" as I like to call it, will be the focus of this blog, I hope to share other things with my readers, give a glimpse into my life, and make new friends, too!


  1. hi! i'm a new follower from the forge. i love the idea of this blog, especially since we're expecting a little girl in two months. i was actually telling my sister recently that there are so many more cute boy clothes lately (they get the fun animals!). i'm looking forward to getting to know you and your family through this blog!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words. We are so happy to have you here!