Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving And More

Happy day lateThanksgiving guys! Here are some photos from our day plus photos from our week with Derek's parents down here visiting. We did lots of shopping and lots of Disney trips. We ate at some great restaurants and my mother in law and I had our first experience at Dry Bar. We do thanksgiving at my grandparents house with all my family and it's nice that Derek's parents come down to join in on the fun too. Hope you all had an amazing holiday!

This morning we dropped Derek's parents off at the airport, then dropped James off at my parents, and now we are headed to spend the weekend in south Orange County at a nice hotel doing what we do best- eating, resting, seeing movies, and shopping. I'm really excited to get to totally relax for a couple days after such a long and busy week. I think we're going to see Thor and the second Hunger Games. I'm super excited! 

Are you guys doing any shopping for Black Friday? Derek did some last year and it ended up being way more hassle than it was worth so we're pretty much staying clear of it this year. We might do some online but I'm much more the type who would rather spend more and not deal with insane crowds and crazy people. And I honestly shop almost every other day so Black Friday is not so cool to me ha ha. I hope you guys get deals if you shop it though!!

So here are some thanksgiving pics--

^^ Fluffy pumpkin heaven. My thanksgiving speciality. So easy- cream cheese, vanilla instant pudding box, canned pumpkin, and cool whip. Layer with vanilla wafers! Trust me on this one. 

And now for some randoms of our week- 

Breakfast dates at Starbucks every morning this week. So spoiled.

I believe in treating yourself often so I average stopping in madewell, my favorite store, about three times a week. Loving my new clothes and finally found the perfect ankle boot. All the girls at our local madewell know us by name and play with James when we come in. He loves it!

Some adorable pics of my kid and his fun suspenders. This kid is just a natural born poser. He did some modeling lately and totally nailed it. He also lined up some other photo shoots. I'm not trying to get him an agent or anything like that but these companies have been approaching us here and there asking if they could use James for their clothing lines so we do it if it's worth it for us!

Some sweet hoops my friend made me!!

My husband and I being weird. 

Some Disney pics-- 

We saw the Christmas Parade on Wednesday and James loved it! He waved and shouted to all the characters and it was adorable. 

I've got one more post for you guys tomorrow and then I'm calling it quits for December.. Truth be told I'm really looking forward to it. I've got lots of shopping and holiday decorating to do. And lots of fun things to do with my sweet boy. I really hope you'll stay in touch and keep following along on my Instagram though!! I'm candicewilliams_

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  1. Oh my gosh that pumpkin heaven thing looks SO good, and I'm not even a fan of pumpkin! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!