Monday, March 18, 2013

Comfy Cool Casual

I will be the first to admit that I can count on one hand how many times I've ever dressed James in just a simple tee and jeans. That's just not usually me. I like to think James and I have a more unique sense of style than that. But let's be honest... James is a rambunctious little boy and sometimes jeans and a T shirt is just what the day calls for. On this particular day we were going on a 5 mile walk, headed to the park to feed the ducks, and off to a date to Starbucks. The day called for comfy, cool, and casual. And a little Brobee.

I actually bought this Yo Gabba Gabba shirt because James has a YGG birthday party to attend soon. It was only $8 and I thought the bright color was perfect for Spring.

If you're dressing your kids on a budget, head to Target. They sell surprisingly cute shirts for less than $10 and tons of skinny jeans.

Of course we put a signature "James spin" on this outfit by pairing it with moccasins.

Outfit details-

YGG Shirt- Target. They have tons of Yo Gabba Gabba shirts right now if your kids are into it.

Jeans- Target

Moccasins- Minnetonka


  1. Hey, sometimes jeans and a tee are everything you need. Just add some awesome accessories and you're good to go! That being said I love his little shoes!

    1. Exactly! Thanks for your always sweet words!!