Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adventure and leggings.

Lets talk adventure and leggings. What a combo. My New Years resolution was to stop asking myself what I wanted to do each day and start asking myself what does JAMES want to do each day? Because my life revolves around him and its my job to make sure he's happy. As a result we have been finding small adventure wherever we go. These pictures were taken on an adventure to the zoo.

And leggings... Well, I'm obsessed. These leggings that accompanied us to the zoo were found in no place other than the girls section of Old Navy. Because my friends, sometimes you have to browse the girls sections to find hidden gems totally suitable for your little boys. You're welcome.

Hat- Gymboree
Shirt- H&M
Leggings- On Sale At Old Navy Right Now!
Shoes- Gifted


  1. I should try the leggings when my littlest guy is older. I'm really loving the babylegs right now for him. Makes my life easier. I think James would be a good "sell" for those leggings though. He is such a cute munchkin!

    1. We did baby legs when James was a baby too.. They were great except that he was so super chunkalicious that they kind of dug into his poor baby thighs.. Leggings are just so comfortable and cute. There's so much you can do with them!