Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day.

I like Valentines Day. Any holiday that promotes candy, flowers, and mushy love cards is fine by me. I especially love today because it means my birthday is tomorrow! ... But lets focus on love day. My husband woke up to a heart shaped out of pink sugar cookies and a card and I woke up to a card and a love note written on James' doodle board. You KNOW you're a parent when you start writing your valentines day cards on your kids doodle board. I never want to erase it.

I took James to the playground this morning. He woke up all sniffly and stuffed up but the playground is James' love language so to the playground we went! Halfway through our time there, James just stopped what he was doing, ran over to me, took out his pacifier, and gave me a big fat buggery sniffly kiss. It was perfect and I died right then and there. This kid is my Cupid and my Valentines Day is now complete.

I hope you are all spending today with the ones you love most, whether that be family, friends, or pets! Have a happy day!

James' outfit details-
Button up- Gymboree
Jeans- Shawn White for Target
Beanie- Target
Shoes- gifted light up shoes.

He's totally thrilled about his Valentines card in the first picture, can't you tell?!

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