Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Uniform

If James had a "uniform" it would probably be leggings or colored skinnies. But his weekend uniform is different. When Saturday rolls around, we start thinking comfort and errands. Since my husband usually works the weekends, Saturdays are for car washes, Target trips, and Trader Joe runs for those few extra items our pantry is missing.

Saturdays are also for long, really long walks, so I'm usually in my most comfortable pair of yoga pants (so cliche I know) and James sports his adorable sweat suits.

I didn't even used to know that they made baby sweat suits. But they do. And they are adorable!

Sweatsuit- Shawn White for Target. (They have a blue one too!)

You can buy the hoodie HERE.

You can buy the sweat pants HERE.

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