Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Late Easter Wrap Up Plus Some Other Things, Too

We're into April and Easter is over. This post is late but I still wanted to share some Easter pictures with you. I think this was my very first Easter not spending it with my whole family. They were all headed to San Diego to celebrate and that's a five- six hour drive from us so it just wasn't going to happen this year. Especially since James and I were just down visiting for over two weeks and since Derek went right back to work Monday.

I probably should have made a whole full on feast for Easter but truthfully, I didn't see the point in doing that since it was just going to be the three of us. Instead, I pulled out my lazy chef card, went to the grocery store, and bought rotisserie chicken and a bunch of yummy pre made sides. I did however, make my moms famous homemade pretzel jello salad that my husband insisted on, so I guess I was only 75% lazy.

James and I didn't get home until Friday, my husband arrived Friday night, and Saturday I just wanted to hang with my boys. Making the one thing was enough because oh, I had food poisoning. Yeah, not the business. I came down with a HORRID case of it and it was one of the most miserable things. All I wanted to eat was water. Thankfully by the time Easter rolled around I felt more like eating water and bread.. So things were looking up.

On Easter we made James a little Easter basket and left eggs and candy around our house for him to collect. After he completed stage one of the hunt we moved it outside where he got to find hidden eggs all around our neighborhood. Let me tell you, it was a big hit!! We just took it easy and enjoyed being together. We nixed all handheld devices and TV, went to the playground, and enjoyed the great outdoors and each other.

In our house we know the point and purpose of Easter is celebrating that Christ is risen so that was our main focus. Bible reading, songs, and worship is what we spent our day doing. We had our church service in an outdoor amphitheater which was casual and perfect because James didn't have to sit still or be quiet. As the day went on, always thinking of the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. That Jesus did for US.

On Easter night we all drove up where my husband is currently working. We got iHop breakfast for Easter dinner which is weird but was amazing.

James and I will be up here for a week with him so we are having fun exploring the areas this week and enjoying good ol' hotel living. Secretly I just really can't wait to be home again this weekend. Between all our traveling I've only been home two days in the past two months. I miss the familiar, my comfy bed, and routine. But right now I'm just soaking in these new adventures and making the most of all our travels.

I hope you all had a happy Easter and are having a nice week! I'll leave you with some photos of our Easter Day.

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  1. Happy Easter! My husband and I both had to work Sunday so we celebrated with my family on Saturday instead. It was fun but fairly uneventful. I feel like holidays are mostly for children. :-)

    1. I used to always have to work on Easter as well as all the other holidays so I totally know how that feels! And you're right, once you have kids then it starts all over again.. The presents, the egg hunts, all that jazz!