Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Morning Bike Ride

These photos were taken on Sunday morning right before my husband headed back home to Bakersfield. We decided to go on a morning family walk to Starbucks. James has been wanting to ride his new bike non stop so we thought it would be fun to let him go on a morning bike ride. He had so much fun peddling all the way there but decided he was over it on the way back so we had to steer the bike ourselves while chasing him home.

I love my boys so much. It's little moments like these that make me so thankful. A simple walk to get coffee is such a highlight for me. Seeing James smile as he rides his bike, sipping lattes as we chase him and snap photos, seeing the world through his eyes while holding my sweet husbands hand, it's what makes my world go round.

How cute are these two? I am so happy they're mine!!

Being a big helper, pushing his bike...

This little boy just lights up my life. Running around the streets screaming and laughing all while wearing his helmet.. I just love him SO.

Outfit details-
Shirt- American Apparel
Cords- Target
Moccasins- Freshly Picked


  1. Whoa, that is a cool bike, I love the tall handle on the back!

    1. Right? My husband thought we shouldn't get one with a handle but I knew we'd be pushing it a log so it's genius!

  2. Isn't it amazing how the littlest moments make you step back and think of how beautiful life is and how blessed we are! Your little man is beautiful girl!