Friday, April 19, 2013

Snippets From Fresno

We are completely packed up, headed down for one last breakfast in our hotel, and then James and I are headed home. Sadly Derek has to work this weekend so he will not be joining us. James and I will be spending the weekend at our house doing laundry, re packing, and getting everything ready for his big birthday celebration in Los Angeles. I've got lots of presents to wrap! On Monday we are headed to stay with my parents for two weeks which I am so excited about. I can see all of my friends, go to Disneyland, and Derek's parents are flying into town from Seattle to spend James' birthday with us. Derek will join us next week in time for his birthday so it will be nice to celebrate for 4 whole days with everyone!

Since our time in Fresno has come to a close after three weeks, I thought I would share some photos that didn't make the cut for blog posts but are still gems. I really did have a good time up here. There was plenty of entertainment for us and it was pretty easy finding something to do each day. I'm really excited to head home though and even more excited to go see my family!

Little Mr out cold. I really wish I could sleep like that.

Derek came home from work one night and decided he wanted to go out to eat for dinner. I'm always all about take out because sitting down at a restaurant with James is just too much work. James went out in his dapper PJ's and... it was more work than play. Oh well.

This is how the Williams Family does up hotel living. We order pizza and eat on the bed. Even Sweet Lou.

James sliding like a boss.

I love the look of pure joy that James has when he's at the playground. He is definitely in his element.

I swear we went to every single playground in Fresno. And they have A LOT!

One of the playgrounds here had the cutest little snow cone truck and I couldn't resist buying one for James. I got the lightest flavor they had so I could avoid some mess and as you can see from the photo, James wasn't too sure about it. He had about 10 bites and the rest went into the trash. And on his clothes :(

My child is always ready to entertain the troops. He is quite the little comedian. If he thinks it will get a laugh, he'll try it. He is not above putting a trash can on his head to get a good laugh from the crowd. I love him for that.


  1. I always eat in bed when I'm staying at a hotel, probably because it's something I would never do at home. :-)

    1. Haha exactly! I guess I am teaching James bad habits :) the truth is- we don't even own a dining room table because he was always jumping on it or bumping his head into the sharp corners so we got rid of it. We eat in random spots haha