Monday, April 15, 2013


Derek had the day off yesterday so we took James to Storyland here in Fresno. It's a little place where you can walk through different stories and nursery rhymes, complete with slides and toys and neat character displays that you can force your husband and child to pose in front of. Obviously the pirate ship was the biggest hit with James but riding the choo choo train was great fun, too.

And yes, my child does have more clothes than just this pirate skull sweatshirt but it just so happens it's the only sweatshirt I packed for our trip. Oops.


  1. I went to a place like that when I was little, I wonder where the heck it was?! I'll have to ask my mom.

    1. Yes! Let me know! Apparently this place has been around for a really really long time! I think it needs an upgrade but its non profit and fun for the kids!!