Friday, April 12, 2013


TGIF right? I feel like I used to live for the weekends and now my days just all blend together. I get Friday happy when my husband has the weekends off but besides that, it's more like TGI Monday, Tuesday, or any other day because it's all the same to me. Does this mean I'm getting old? Anyway...

Yesterday afternoon James and I went to a story time at the cutest little mom and pop bookstore called Petunia's Place. Secretly I was hoping the bookstore would be stashed with Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. A girl can dream right? Technology is amazing if only for the fact that my trusty phone pulls up rad things like this for James and I to do while we're out of town.

We were supposed to go home today for the week buuutttt my husbands job isn't finished up here yet so Fresno will see even more of us for another week. Since I only packed enough clothes for one week, I will be spending the weekend doing my laundry in the hotel which is always... Fabulous? I considered driving the two hours home and two hours back to do my laundry at home but that sounded silly.

And now I just realized how boring I am. I wrote a whole paragraph about laundry.

Staying another week up here means finding more things to do (which has turned out to be pretty easy to do), more dinners at the drive thru Panera bread (I've never seen one anywhere else before and it's genius!!), more challenges of trying to get James to nap (he has been refusing naps every day. Too much to do!), and getting more creative with trying to get him to eat (he is the pickiest eater and it's even harder here where I can't cook myself! It's been sausage and apples all day long. Quite the combo but that's all he wants!)

Anyway, James had a good time at the story time. They read books, sang songs, and afterwards all the kids got to go outside and blow bubbles. James was blowing bubbles like a boss. I was so proud of how well behaved he was. He sat so nice and listened to each story and then he pulled a typical James in which he sticks his head in front of other kids to get all up in their business. He likes making his presence known. And I love him for that.

Tomorrow we are going to check out a kiddie theme park and my husband has Sunday off so we may drag him back to the zoo here to feed some more giraffes. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Outfit details-

Tank- Hello Apparel

Leggings- Custom from Thief And Bandit. I chose the colors, they had never been done before and I LOVE them!

Sandals- Salt Water's


  1. You're lucky, I still live for the weekends! Have a good one!

  2. How neat that you found a story time to attend! We do a story time here at our local library and it's always so much fun! You guys enjoy the weekend :)