Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Might As Well Move In

I might as well pack our bags and just pitch a tent inside a playground because that's where we are Every. Single. Day. I don't really mind so long as it isn't the same playground day after day.

Fresno seems to have a LOT of playgrounds so my trusty iPhone has been searching for a new one every day. I was quite pleased when my good ol' phone pulled up a playground INSIDE a fancy mall. Shopping plus a playground? Yes please. It's one of those half outdoor half indoor malls, has great shopping for Mommy, and the playground was toddler friendly and safe. Some of the playgrounds we go to are downright janky. I feel like the whole thing is going to fall down any minute and I'm constantly following James around the parts that have huge gaps allowing kids to jump to their death.

This little playground was built for the worry wart mom in mind. That's me. It had some cute little animals the kids could climb on including a little fish that James kept screaming NEMO!!! at. Side note- the fish was green and blue and looked nothing like Nemo. Double side note- did you hear they are making a Finding Dory?! I can't wait!

On with the outfit details-

Tank- American Apparel

Leggings- Thief And Bandit

Sandals- Salt Water Sandals


  1. Super cute playground! PS I love his sandals, I used to have the same ones as a kid, in white I think.

    1. Haha I did too! Love salt waters! They hold up extremely well. I wear them too :)

  2. We have a playground/park right behind our house and I can't wait to spend lots of time with baby Hart there! Love those leggings! He is so fashionable :)

    1. You're so lucky! What a great location for baby! You are going to make so many amazing memories :) especially having a boy, if he's active.. It will be so convenient to let him get out some energy there!!