Monday, June 10, 2013

Beat The Heat

Our new goal each day is simple- beat the heat. We try to do it in all sorts of different ways. 

We recently hit the playground but when James slid down the slide he yelled- HOT! So when the sides are literally steaming it means we need to rethink our daily plan. 

Luckily our favorite playground is at a huge park that also has a creek through it. Now, I see kids full on swimming in it all the time but I'm just not down. It never looks like "swim water" if you know what I mean. I did, however, let James run through it with his shoes and all, and it was a hit. 

Sometimes beating the heat means taking a little walk through a creek. Hey, whatever works! 

Then, after you're done swimming in the good ol' crick, you come home and eat your first ever ring pop and you smile and squeal with delight because RING POPS!

Outfit details- 

Shirt and suspender shorts- H&M 

Sandals- Salt Waters


  1. Hey, be happy you actually have heat to beat! LOL. We still haven't turned on our air conditioning and I bet we won't need to for another month at least!

    Sarah @ Life As Always