Saturday, June 8, 2013

Important Life Lessons Learned At The Playground

As I've confessed already, James and I are total playground junkies. It's free, it's fun, and James loves meeting new kids.

On one of our recent trips to the playground, the meanest little boy was there. He was kicking and hitting, throwing sand, and yelling "I DON'T LIKE YOU!" and "I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU" to the few other kids there, including James. His mom was there and did nothing. I was the one telling him to be nice and to keep his hands to himself. 

It totally hit me that this is a reason kids grow up to be bullies- because their parents aren't involved, don't care, and/or do nothing. 

Nothing gets me more than bullying and it broke my heart for a kid to yell- I don't like you! To James. (Luckily he had no clue what the kid was saying really). But his mom should have stepped in right there and made that a lesson- play nice, don't yell, be friendly- BE KIND. 

I am so proud to be James' mother. I really, truly am. He has his moments (they all do) but he goes to the playground with love in his heart and smiles, waves hi, gives hugs, and blows kisses to all the kids. He is the friendliest boy and he is SO kind. 

There's a lot of lessons that can be learned at the playground and they aren't all about how to swing or ride a bike. Deeper lessons can be learned at the playground, too. Like how to play nice with others, wait your turn, and share. How to include everyone and make everyone feel welcome, how to be a good friend, and how to be kind. 

That mother I saw missed out on a key teaching moment and that's sad.  I'm happy I'm not that mother, I'm happy I'm involved and hands on, and I'm happy that I'm raising a sweetheart for a son who knows he should love others because Jesus loves him. 

As James grows older I know he will encounter mean people, people he doesn't get along with, and bullies. But I am teaching him from a young age to pour out love to all, and I will always be his advocate and cheerleader and momma wolf and make sure no one messes with him. 

I know there are lots of amazing and godly mothers in the world who are raising their children similar and I hope James will encounter many more of those mom's children rather than the mean kids. 

So here's to teaching your kids lessons, loving them, raising them right, and playing nice on the playground. 

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  1. I love this post! My favorite so far! I couldn't agree more. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my boys be kind and treat others with compassion and love. I feel bad for that mom and that little boy. She is missing out on that joy and he is obviously feeling low on love and attention. I hope she reads your post!

    1. Thank you Kilee!
      I really hope there was a way for her to read it, too. We haven't seen them since. This happened a few times with us.. Kids who are just so rude and mean and the parents who do nothing. I just don't understand. It breaks my heart for the sweet kids they hurt with their mean words.
      All we can do as mothers is raise our children right and teach them love and hope other mothers do the same!!

  2. My sister and I had a conversation about this just last weekend. She said it can be very frustrating when other people do not parent their children, especially when all of the kids are playing together. She's trying to teach her girls how to share, etc. but it's hard when other parents aren't doing the same thing with their own kids. You're doing a fantastic job, James is lucky to have a mom who cares so much. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. You and your sister are so right. It's really hard when you teach your child something and then another child is doing the opposite. A perfect example is how I've been teaching James to keep his hands to himself. He's been doing such a great job. But then other kids are kicking and hitting and he looks at me like- hey mom, I thought we weren't supposed to do that? So is life though!!

      I just hope that James will encounter more kind, gentle loving children vs the horrid ones.

      Thanks so much for your always kind and sweet comments. I really appreciate them!!