Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Uniform

So we are back in Bakersfield after an awesome trip visiting my fam. It's 100 degrees and Summer is officially upon us. I'm kind of iffy on Summer. I mean, I loved it when I was a kid because it meant no school but now it just means more crowds of kids everywhere plus it's hot.

I do like swimming, ice cream, and bbqs.. But I'm not a fan of summer attire for myself or the wicked heat we get here. 

Since I'm not big on summer attire for myself that just means I have to have more fun with it for James. I think this outfit and ones similar to it will be James' summer uniform this year. 

Comfy. Casual. Cool. 

^^ Check out James' tattoo! It's of a pirate ship and he's pretty into it. Bad to the bone this kid is!!

^^Bringing the beach to our beach-less city. 

^^ Stick = Sword. 

^^ We love it when day care groups come to the playground because they share their sand toys with us and sometimes the teacher blows massive bubbles that are super cool and fun to chase and pop (you can see her in the back)

^^ My little monkey. Maybe one of my favorite shots ever. 

Outfit details-

Shorts- Hello Apparel

Sandals- Salt Waters


  1. Love that last shot! What a ham! Perfect Summer outfit for him!

    1. Aww thank you!! And a big congrats goes out to you!!

  2. Oh man I love summer clothes! But that's probably because we only get to wear them for like two weeks up here in Seattle. ;-)

    Love James' tat! LOL

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Right?? Isn't the tat cool? Haha
      Well I hear that Seattle summers are the best so I don't blame you. They are just so hot here that I can hardly stand it!!

    2. Super cool, that kid is a stud. :-) Seattle summers are amazing... I just wish they would start earlier and go a little longer... and of course be like ten degrees hotter... I love HEAT!

    3. Please be my neighbor in Bakersfield haha it's easily over 110 here during the summer! I much prefer the 80 in la where I'm from haha