Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun Stuff

So the real reason James and I came down to see my fam these past few days was because there were two special things happening around these parts.

On Saturday my sister had her PROM! I was so excited that I got to be here to help her get ready and see her off on her big night. She was such a knock out, oh my gosh!!!

^^ Of course we had to get a shot of the pretty lady with James. James was all smiles for the camera. He loved aunties dress. 

The OTHER reason we came down was because my BEST BEST BESTIE came down to visit from Portland! We have been best friends since kindergarten. She moved to Oregon in 5th grade and we have stayed best friends ever since. Most friendships don't last, and add to that ALL the distance and only seeing each other once a year.... Well, I think it's pretty freaking amazing that we are still best friends. I love this girl more than anything and I know we will be best friends til the day we die! Lots of Katie's relatives still live in the same city that my folks live in (where were both from) so she was in town and obviously I made the trip so we could spend some time together!! 

^^ Me 

^^ Bestie. 

We went out to lunch and it was so nice. Every time I see Katie I remember why we're best friends and I wish we lived closer because I just love her so much!!

We came back to my parents house after so Katie could see James and Lou.. James was sleeping but mister Lou was wide awake and ready to love on Katie for hours. 

We had the best afternoon. I wish we lived closer but I am so grateful for our friendship and the time we DO get to spend together!

Love you girl!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you and your sis look so much alike! And I'm so happy for you that you and your BFF have been able to maintain a long distance friendship for so long, that's super rare and special. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Thank you!! I am so thankful for her friendship! It's funny that the person I'm the closest to lives in another state! Just goes to show how special our friendship really is!

      And EVERYONE says my sis and I look like twins. It's funny because she's almost ten years younger than me.. And noone can tell who's older. I guess that will be a good thing when I'm old and I still hopefully look ten years younger?? Haha. I used to not be able to see the resemblance but now I am starting to!!

    2. Oh my gosh are you kidding?! I couldn't believe how much you looked alike, I almost thought it was you at first! You're both gorgeous. :-)