Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't usually do weekend wrap ups or blog on the weekend but there's a time for everything right?

My husband has been getting the weekends off which has been fabulous. He works so many hours and it's so nice to have him home for those two days! 

On Saturday my genius husband suggested we go to the river. The Kern river is right near us so it was a quick easy drive. It was a brutal 110 degrees so it was the perfect day to go swimming and try something new. We packed up a picnic, brought our towels, and headed out. 

James LOVED it. I LOVED it. I'll be honest, I can be kind of uptight as in "no, don't splash me, I just did my hair".. You know, that kind of uptight. But I'm learning (with the help of my husband) to be more laid back and let loose. I let loose and I had so much fun! 

Here are a few photos I snapped- 

Saturday night after we got home the power went out in our entire complex. It was over 100 degrees and we had no air, no TV, no lights, no Internet, and no way to keep the food fresh in our fridge. It was not fun. Luckily it only lasted two hours but It really made me think what the heck people did before they had power. I mean, we rely on it so much!!

It was pretty funny because we went out walking and EVERYONE was out. We met so many neighbors we had never seen before. I'm actually out running every single day but it goes to show how many people sit in their house in front of their tvs and computers all day. Pretty sad.

We decided to go to target because TARGET. My husband said: "Let's go to target and look at stuff." This is why I married him. We needed a place to cool off and target was perfect. I even picked up a cute swim suit while we were there and James got to look at all the toys and run wild. 

We hit Starbucks on our way out and when we got back home our power was on.

Today we will basically just be lounging and spending the day at the pool. 

I love the weekends for so many reasons, another one being that I get as much gym time as I want. I've been running 5 miles a day and I'm so hooked. 

We also were kind of movie junkies and watched the new Die Hard movie, Identity Thief, and Warm Bodies. The Die Hard movie was the worst of all the movies but still ok. All I know is, if I'm ever in a sticky situation, I'm calling Bruce Willis. Identity Thief was hilarious and I LOVED LOVED it. Warm Bodies was really good, too!

My husband and I used to watch movies all the time before we were married. We would see every new movie that came out in the theater and would constantly rent movies. It was just our thing. I love when we get the chance to watch movies together now. Makes me so happy. 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Tomorrow will be hard once my husband is back at work but next weekend is Father's Day and I can't wait to celebrate him!


  1. No weekend is complete without a trip to Target, I think. :-) Eeeek, about the power outage! I can't imagine it being that hot and then losing my AC, I would freak out! Glad it was fixed quickly and that you guys had a good weekend.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Thanks Sarah! Ya, it's funny because you can actually dial an emergency number at our apt if your air goes out at any time. It's classified an emergency. Haha I guess t really is when it's this hot!