Friday, June 21, 2013

My Baby Sister Graduates

I don't know exactly when my little sister grew up, but she did. And yesterday was her graduation from High School. 

Here's the thing, my sister is SMART. No, like above and beyond, graduated with honors, is getting a full ride to UCI smart. She blows my smartness out of the water and I'm the first to admit it. My sister is crazy talented, kind, and beautiful inside and out. She is MOTIVATED and DETERMINED, two things I never was about school. She is going to go so far in life and I can't wait to see all the amazing things she does.  I am so proud of my baby sister. I'm still trying to figure out where the time went but I am so proud. 

My husband stayed back at my parents house with James so I could go to her graduation. James would have ran around like a wild man the whole time and it didn't start until 8pm so it was a perfect scenario. The ceremony was beautiful and I'm so happy we were all able to come down for it! 

Yesterday was her graduation, tomorrow is her big party, and Monday is her 18th birthday. So many things happening and hence the reason we made the trip down here- to celebrate everything with her!

I'll leave you with some photos I took of the night and I'll be back Sunday to share some photos of the party and fill you in on the fun surprises we have planned for her birthday. Of course I will be back with James pictures, too.. I mean that's what this blog is all about right?!

Photos of the graduate and family... We weren't allowed down on the field after graduation so we had to take all our photos before we headed out to the ceremony. That was ok because James got to be in some photos even though he didn't attend. 

For anyone who wants to know- I'm wearing a baby doll dress/top from Urban and James is wearing a tee from H&M and handmade name leggings from Jennifer Ann on Store Envy. 

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading! 


  1. You and your sis are so cute, and both know how to rock awesome lipstick. :)

    1. Haha thank you! Love me some red lipstick!!

    2. I should try it... I've never worn red before! I'm more of a lipgloss person. But I'm going to vegas in 2 weeks and need to branch out! What's your favorite shade?

    3. I do true red by loriel. It's cheap and the perfect shade. I've been trying to get the perfect red color and I think this is it :) have fun!!

  2. A big Congrats to your Sister

  3. Congratulations to your sis! I still can't believe that you guys are so far apart in age!

    Sarah @ Life As Always