Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ahoy Matey

Yo ho, sea lovers!

Today I have a LOT of photos to share with you. 

I found a pirate park for James! Like a legit pirate park complete with a pirate ship, bridges, treasure, and skull rock. It was basically heaven on earth for James. It also made for the PERFECT place for pictures. 

Take a look-

Pirate Rule # 1 - be prepared. Always bring your spy glass from home. 

How perfect is this park? God bless people who create things like this with children like mine in mind! And check out James' outfit. I've been buying him a lot of new clothes recently so you'll be seeing some fresh trendy threads.  This outfit is basically the perfect trifecta because there is a piece from each of my three favorite places. These new Thief and Bandit leggings were custom designed for James and are my favorite to date and I think the shiny copper moccs from Freshly Picked are the best color we own so far. Hello Apparel is always a favorite of mine and this tank is one of their bests.

I love taking this boy exploring. It's so important to me to get James out of the house everyday doing new things. Regardless of what it is, I like to let him explore and adventure and I think it's important that I make sure he has fun every single day. 

Outfit Details- 


  1. That park is awesome! And those leggings are so cute, i would totally wear them. :)

    1. They actually make adult sizes in their stuff!! Haha

  2. Stopping by from WKWW, I love this outfit!! It is adorable and I'm contemplating getting some of those leggings for both my son and daughter!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I can't recommend these leggings enough!