Wednesday, July 31, 2013

100% Boy

I always thought I would have a little quiet girl who sat and read books all day. So when I had James and he started to grow into such a little wild man, it was a big shock.

Lets just say that 90% of my day is spent sword fighting. Who would have thought? 

Anything that slightly resembles a sword, becomes a sword to James. Straws, sticks, anything. They are all fair game at becoming a weapon. 

This kid just cracks me up. He is 100% boy. He is such a little bruiser and so into the stereotypical boy things. 

While I wouldn't mind having a daughter one day, I would be thrilled if I got all boys. Raising a boy is so much fun. Dressing a boy is THE BEST. And my boy, he is the greatest. 

We are enjoying being home and resting. Let's just say all we did yesterday was rest. We watched so much TV, we built blocks, we played swords, we swam. It was glorious. Today we have a bit of an adventure planned that requires four hours of driving, I will fill you in tomorrow.
Outfit Details-

Tee- Indie Nook It says- "For goodness SNAKE" How clever is that? James loves snakes so I had to buy it. 

Leggings- Thief And Bandit

Sandals- Salt Waters

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