Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Of July Style

We will be spending the 4th at my grandparents house where we will grill, eat my grandmas famous rhubarb pie, swim, play games, and of course, fireworks.

We will be surrounded by family, my husband has off of work and was able to come down, and it will be an amazing day. 

I am so thankful to be an American. I am blessed to call the USA home and I am forever grateful for my freedom and for the men and women who served, fought, and died for our freedom. My dad is a veteran and I am always extra thankful for him on this holiday. 

We are all about patriotic clothing in our house. James has quite a few USA themed outfits which we use year round, regardless if it's on the 4th or not. In honor of this holiday I'm sharing 2 American themed outfits with you today. 

Outfit 1 Details-

Jean shorts- Old Navy
Hat- Old Navy
Sandals- Salt Waters

James wore outfit 1 the day before the 4th to prepare for all the fun we were about to have. 

Outfit 2 Details-

Shirt- Old Navy (I can't find it online but it is currently in the stores)
Jean suspenders- H&M 
Hat- Old Navy
Moccasins- C/O Freshly Picked

James is wearing outfit 2 today on the 4th for all our festivities. When I saw the shirt at Old Navy I knew he had to have it. Anything that combines pirates, USA, and a mustache is aces with me and perfect for James! 

I am loving that Stars and Stripes are becoming such a trend. Why not? It's awesome to wear your American pride year round and I'm all about putting my kid in it! 

What do you have planned for today? What are you all wearing? Leave me a comment and share the fun things you have planned. 


  1. What a little cutie pie! So darling :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you had a great fourth!

  2. I'm dying over those suspenders!!! So cute!

  3. I KNEW James would have an adorable, themed outfit for the fourth! Hope you guys had a safe and happy holiday!

    Sarah @ Life As Always