Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Post Will Kill You With Cuteness

Bam, you're dead. Cuteness just killed you. 

James insisted on wearing his Mickey Ears to the playground and who was I to stop him?! 

I seriously almost died when I edited these because I just couldn't take it. James' little personality is really starting to shine through more and more and I love the little person he is becoming so much. 

He has so much personality. 

Our Disney passes may be blocked for the summer but that doesn't mean we can't wear Mickey Ears and bring Disney to us! 

Thank you sweet James for making me smile and lighting up all of my days! 

And just because after the playground we headed out to Chuck E Cheese and I happened to get a few more cute shots of James I will include those here, too..

Outfit details- 

Tank- Currently at Target

Leggings- Old Navy

Sandals- Salt Waters

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  1. I love the alligator surfing tee! And of course the ear, so cute. This kid has so much fun, he's doing something fun in every post!

    1. I've never been one to just sit at home, and now especially that I have a kid with so much energy.. We love being on the go!

  2. yep, i did just die of cuteness.
    his outfit is so adorable!

  3. What a cute little baby! Love his little outfit. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  4. yep! it did me in + i wish i still had my mouse ears! and clearly, he has the best leggings ever! x

    1. I think my mom still has mine but fitting them on would be a whole other story

  5. Oooooo I am loving those striped leggings!

    Sarah @ Life As Always