Tuesday, July 30, 2013

June Lake

Today I wanted to share some photos of our time at June Lake this past weekend. 

There really isn't a WHOLE lot going on there. They have a tiny (and I mean TINY) town that consisted of one coffee shop, one candy store, and two restaurants. 

The lodge that they put my husband up in was the PITTS. Have you ever seen the Seinfeld about the water pressure?! I felt like I was in that episode. First, the water was trickling... Then they fixed it and I swear to you the water was so intense it blasted me. It NO JOKE took all my nail polish off and ripped a piece of my hair off (like a tiny piece that you can't notice) BUT STILL. 

Three of us plus our dog shared a double bed. Ummm, it was a tight fit. We're used to a King. 

Also, no wi fi. So blogging and reading blogs was pretty hard. It was actually nice to be away from my phone though. 

The whole place just really needed to be redone and since the shower sucked I was just a grimey mess the whole rest of the time. 

We just wanted to go to see my husband since he had been gone so long so seeing him made up for everything else. He's pretty amazing, that guy of mine. And I would stay in a thousand crummy motels if it meant being near him. 

We got back home yesterday and I'm happy the twelve hour drive is behind us now. I'm not trying to drive that long with James again anytime soon. He really did do amazing though. Both ways. I am so proud of him. He's hands down the best traveler in the entire world. 

I'm just happy to be home in my nice bed with a nice shower feeling clean again! 

As soon as we got back we unpacked and went to Target because TARGET. We needed some necessities. 


Here's our four days in June Lake in pictures-

^^ This cookie was bigger than his head. 

^^ My man is a serious stud. 

^^ Worthy of a postcard right?!

^^ Coffee with a view. 

^^ THEE best coffee cake in the entire world can be found at Trout's Coffee Shop in June Lake. Ohmahgosh

^^ This is what I look like with unwashed hair. Ha ha. 

^^ Hanging out at the coffee shop. This was practically the only place that had wi fi so we spent our mornings here eating breakfast and watching Netflix. God bless you, wi fi. Not having it made me realize how much I rely on it. 

We rented a boat for the day on Sunday and had a blast. I thought James couldn't get any cuter... And then we put a life vest on him...

My husbands phone takes horrible photos. He needs an iPhone. He doesn't think he does but these photos are proof. 

We had lunch out on the boat and did some rock jumping. 

How stinkin cute are my boys?!

Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for letting me share! 


  1. I'll take one of those giant cookies, please! :)

    Your family is adorable.

    1. Right?! Of course he picked out the biggest one they had!

      Thank you. So is yours!