Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

It's that time again.

I want to start today's post by telling you that a friend of mine's mother just passed suddenly from brain cancer. 

I want to remind you to live for today. I want to remind you to love big and to never take any second for granted. 

I want to remind you to hug your parents and to kiss your spouce and your children.

I want you to realize that every moment is precious. We don't have nearly as much time as we think we do. Life is short you guys. Heck, Corey Monteith just passed at only 31 years of age! Don't waste your life away. Don't spend all your time on your phone  


So here we go. 

Hello Monday. Hello to a new week. Hello to keeping busy and hello to starting a new countdown until I see my sweet family again. 

Hello to getting settled back into my house after so long. Hello to laundry, unpacking, and the familiar. 

Hello Summer, hello sunshine, hello heat. 
Hello to breaking in my new hat and spending every day at the beach. 

Hello to finally washing my disgustingly sandy car. 

Hello to happy meals, the Golden Arches, and a little baby boy in the play area having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. 

Hello to another tassel necklace that I'm obsessed with. I may or may not have ordered two more, too. You should probably become familiar with Ascot Friday/Jen Loves Cove so you can get your own. They are two babes who are super stylish and create the coolest jewels!

Hello selfies. I can't stop. 

Hello to fancy dinner dates with some of my best friends while visiting home. I love them so much and I'm so thankful that our friendship has lasted way beyond our high school years.  

Hello to meeting your cute mommy friend and her two adorable kiddos at the best playground ever (more on that playground later) and hello to finding love with little Miss Gina by the water fountains. Look at how they are both climbing up the same way!

Hello to getting my hair done at my friend Jen's amazing salon. Hello fresh hair. Hello platinum blonde. You are my favorite. 

Hello to Luna Bars, my newest obsession. 

Hello to a shopping spree and a movie date with my husband. We checked out two (new to us) malls and we saw The Lone Ranger. We loved it. 

Hello to morning Starbucks dates. My blood type is vanilla latte with non fat milk. 

Hello to new kicks. James got matching ones. I am so psyched. 

Hello to digging in the sand for hours on end because it's your new favorite thing in the whole world. 

Hello happiness. Hello joy. Hello to living in the moment. Hello to being content no matter what the circumstance. 

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mother. :-( Things like that are always a tough reminder that life is precious and way too short. Glad to see that you and James are making the most of it!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Right?! Ugh it's so devastating. Life is so precious!

  2. What an inspiring post
    So very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend's mother
    A friend of mine from HS passed this weekend, he was only 35 years old
    Life is short and we should make the best of every single moment
    Every second that passes is a second that is gone!

    1. ;( sorry to hear of your loss too. That is just terrible.

  3. That is so sad about your friend's mom! Thanks for the reminder to stop taking life for granted! It's sad that it usually takes a tragedy to remind us to appreciate all that we have.

    But on a lighter note, my blood type is vanilla latte with soy milk.

    1. It's truly devastating. We always live thinking "it could never happen to us " and one day it does and it's just a reminder of that!

      Ugh soy is my favorite it makes it so sweet. I try to get nonfat for less calories haha