Thursday, August 1, 2013

Petunia, And Pirates, And Playgrounds, Oh My

So yesterday James and I made the two hour drive to Ventura to the Petunia Pickle Bottom HQ and the Petunia Boutique that's attached. This was our fourth trip. Yes, I'm crazy. Four hours round trip with my two year old all for the love of Petunia.

Here's my dirty little secret- I have almost 30 of their bags. And if you count accessories, I have over 50 Petunia items. Yup, when it comes to bags and clothes, I'm a crazy shop-a-holic hoarder. 

Their fall line was released today so I wanted to get a sneak peek at the store so I could finalize my purchase decisions. 

Before we headed out James and I whipped up some super cute cupcakes to bring as a little "congrats on the new line" gift. I've come to know and love some of the employees there and they are all gems. 

I think the cupcakes were a hit because they gave me a sweet shout out on Instagram. 

So, THE FALL LINE IS OUT. I'm much more of a spring girl since I love bright and bold colors but their fall line is still to die for and of course I had to snag some stuff. 

The best packages are wrapped with neon tissue and a petunia tag in case you were wondering. 

I got some shopper totes, some powder room cases and this gorgeous new bag- 

Here are a few photos I snapped of the new line- 

They have a ton of gorgeous new prints, practically EVERYTHING comes in embossed now (the solid colors that I adore) and I'm dying over this new "Baby's first year book" thing they created which allows new mothers to keep records and all baby info all in one stylish spot. 

If you don't have kids in diapers, don't fret- they make handbags now and I am lusting after a certain leather one SO BAD. 

Now of course I couldn't drag my kid all the way to Ventura and back after he had just done a 12 hour stint in the car without making it worth his while now could I? So I looked up the closest pirate park Ventura had and we found a great one! It was right on the beach and beautiful. 

Here are a few photos I snapped- 

All in all we had a fabulous day! I scored new cute Petunia items, James got to go to a pirate playground, and on the way home we ran into the grocery store to get a few items and James got a new fun noodle for the pool and a big pink sugar cookie. 

Thanks for letting me diaper bag gush.. Now go check out the new line and shop!! 

Stop by tomorrow for a fabulous review I've got on an amazing product you won't want to miss!! 


  1. That store looks so cute! I love that you brought cupcakes, that is so thoughtful!! The instagram pic is awesome too. :)

    1. That store is like heaven to me. Haha thanks!!