Sunday, August 18, 2013

James' First Haircut And Some Other Ramblings

So James was born completely bald. I mean, the kid had not ONE hair on his tiny little Elmer Fudd head. I don't think he sprouted a hair until well after his first birthday. But now it's at that point where it's messy and out of control and just does its own thing. Is it curly? Do I side part it? I don't know...

So I thought it was high time he got a hair cut. My good friend just so happens to do hair so we headed to her house and she worked her magic. 

I took some photos. 

Other things worth noting- 

A couple days ago I had a panic attack because one of my boobs started to hurt and I thought some of the lymph nodes there looked kind of swollen. I started googling, which, if you think you have something wrong with you, you should NOT do. I basically convinced myself I had breast cancer and I think I really freaked my parents out. I'm a hypochondriac. Let it be known. So I made a beeline to the doctor and basically I'm just crazy and I'm fine. The "swollen lymph nodes" weren't even swollen anymore and the doctor gave me a real nice feel up and told me my ladies were perfect. He thinks it was a clogged milk duct since I'm still breastfeeding and said that these things happen and my boob actually doesn't even hurt anymore and WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS?! 

Well I'll tell you why, because his assistant and I realized that we both graduated from the same high school the same year. Which is really random and really awkward all at the same time. Like, oh hi now you've seen my boobs. It should make for a great story at our ten year reunion next year. Oh hi, remember my boobs? I mean... Me? 

Also, I'm really really hooked on dry shampoo. I mean, like a junkie. I went from washing my hair every single day religiously to now only washing two or three times a week. And even when wash day finally rolls around, I'm always like- ehhhh, I think my hair could wait one more day... It's not THAT dirty. I'm turning into a grease monkey basically. And my platinum hair loves me for it. 

While I'm being random, I should probably tell you that McDonalds can NOT make a vanilla latte to save their life, I'm obsessed with watching King Of Queens lately, and my kid hasn't napped in days. 

Now lets end this post with one more hair cut photo and call it a day. 

Outfit Details-

Tee- Indie Nook

Leggings- c/o Mason And The Tambourine Melany, the sweet owner of Mason And The Tambourine sent James these fun leggings and we love them!!


  1. oh my gosh, so cute!

    xo Jessica

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE his hair! Too super cute. I'm also pretty much a hypochondriac and seriously dry shampoo CHANGED MY LIFE. My hair now gets washed twice in a good week.

    Sarah @ Life As Always