Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All The Things

So James is in this stage recently where he wants to take ALL THE THINGS with him. I'm pretty sure he would take his whole gigantic toy bin with him everywhere we go if he could. 

The other day he even tried to take all his toys to bed with him. 

No matter where we go, toys have to come too. 

So we shop a lot. And we frequent Target all the time. On occasion I let James choose a toy from the dollar bin. His recent pick was a baseball bat and ball and those have been his new favorites ever since. They come with us everywhere. 

Here's my two year old at Starbucks, the mall, the park, everywhere-- with a baseball bat and ball in hand. Just imagine. 

James and his beloved toys- 

See, seriously-- they even come to our Starbucks morning breakfast dates. 

Also, there's this- 

Please note the Starbucks sword in his hand.. I mean Starbucks straw...

Outfit Details-

Tank is Hello Apparel. Leggings are Thief And Bandit Kids. Sandals are Salt Waters. 


  1. Haha chloe asks to bring a stuffed animal every time we go to the store or a restaurant! We almost always so no, but every once in awhile her dad gives in. :) Softy!

    1. Haha I'm such a softy! I always give in :)

  2. My Axle does the same thing. He always takes something with us every time we leave the house!