Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

Happy Monday, ya'll! This past week was spent down South visiting my family. We are back in Bakersfield now and my husband is finally done working in the boonies and back home, too. I am super happy that we are all here together now! 

^^ A little Monday inspiration for you. 

This week will be spent in Bakersfield and next week we head back down to Orange County for a week of SUPER FUN THINGS. More on that later. 

Here's what we said hello to... 

Hello to being thankful for all my blessings. Hello to reflecting on a wonderful week and looking forward to a wonderful new one ahead. 

Hello to the best days ever- salon days. 

And hello to the result. Fresh platinum hair and a good hair chopping. 

Hello to the last pregnant photo I took with James. You guys, I lived in sweats the whole nine months. I'm not even kidding. 

Hello to the sweetest newborn photos of James right after he was born. He was just perfect. Still is! 

Hello to the sweetest sleeping beauty. The boy version. 

Hello to monthly catch up dates with one of my high school besties. Love getting together with him!

Hello to doggy cupcakes. Lou was obsessed. 

Hello to fitting room fun. A denim vest is a must. It made me feel bad ass. And I'm not bad ass. 

Hello to finally pulling the trigger on these bad boys. I've been searching for other pairs of overalls that were equally as good as these really expensive ones but I just couldn't find any. If I was going to spend the money, I wanted to LOVE them- and I love these so hard. So when I was notified that ONE pair of size 24's in the exact wash I wanted came back in stock, I took it as a sign! They are from Free People and they are amazing. 

Hello to shameless selfies and a new headband gifted by my fab friend Jennifer Ann.

Hello to the pirate park. It's the place to be you guys! 

Hello to making new friends. And hello to the cutest cheese smile. 

Hello to morning Starbucks dates at the playground with your friend and her precious newborn. 

Hello to two words- baby fever. Oh my gosh my friends son Eli is the cutest baby and I'm obsessed with him. A baby looks good on me right?! 

Hello to my moms famous Dutch Babies. They have just a hint of lemon and are my most favorite thing in the ENTIRE WORLD. 

Hello to Costco trips. We come to Costco for two things. The food and the samples. Duh. 

Hello to this little churro first timer. It was a big hit. 

That's a wrap. How was your week? What did you say hello to? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. your little guy has the cutest hair! my guy has stick straight hair!

    1. Haha well thank you. Your little guy is the cutest though. My husband has curly hair so he must get it from him!!

  2. Cute post:) i love every words while reading. i've been on a quest for overalls and coveralls for gardening that fit me. i'm 5' 3" and 115ish pounds. this is not an uncommon size, and there are plenty of ladies smaller than i am, yet most "work" clothes don't come in sizes that come close to fitting me:)

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