Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beauty Tip: Hair Products

Fact: I'm a hair junkie. I need my hair looking perfect at all times. Another fact: I do a lot of things that are really damaging to my hair, yet it still looks good and is HEALTHY. I bleach the crap out of my hair because I like it PLATINUM. Throughout my platinum journey I've discovered a hand full of amazing products that I've been wanting to share with you guys. 

Note: These are products for ANYONE. Not just blondes! (With the exception of one)

Platinum me. 

So here we go- 

^^ Shimmer Lights Shampoo is my go to for platinum hair. I use this once a week to get my hair looking extra white and bright. 

^^ Rusk Keratin Care Conditioner Treatment is my go to for conditioner. Remember this- Keratin = Protein. And when you bleach your hair, use heat products, or anything of the sort, you are stripping your hair of protein and need to replenish it! This stuff is great. Use it often and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. 

^^My secret weapon. I'm trying not to wash my hair so much so this has been a lifesaver. Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Shampoo. I picked it up at Target and it instantly freshens up my hair and makes me feel like a new woman. You need this in your life. I just realized that Target isn't selling it anymore though so I ordered a $25 dollar bottle of Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo from Sephora to test out. I have high hopes for it. 

^^ If you use a blow dryer or any heat styling products then you NEED to be spraying your hair with a heat protection spray like this one from Pantene. It was cheap and it does the job! Spray it on your wet hair before you blow dry. 

^^ Please do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Beach Waves from The Gnarly Whale. This stuff is a miracle. If you want cool beach waves without having to go to the beach, then this stuff is for you. It's also great for days you want to let your hair air dry and give it a rest!!

^^ I seriously can't say enough good things about It's A 10 products. The miracle hair mask is AMAZING. I put it on after I shampoo once a week. I smother it on, wrap my hair in a towel, and get out of the shower while it soaks in for 30 minutes. Then I get back in and rinse it out. My hair is instantly soft, smooth, and healthier than its ever been. I also rotate between using the leave in conditioner and the leave in protein conditioner. Basically you want your hair to have a healthy balance of protein and moisture so I go back and forth between the two. They also make amazing shampoos, conditioners, and lots of other products that I'm dying to try. You will be seriously amazed at this stuff. 

So that's it! Those are my go to hair products! Have you guys used any of these? What are your favorite hair products? What am I missing? Leave me a comment and share your favorites! 

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  1. even though i would never dare to do it, i love the platinum look on you (especially with those red lips) and i've been on the hunt for a good hair mask, so i'll be on the lookout for this one.