Thursday, August 22, 2013

Four Years

Today my husband and I celebrate four years of marriage. My husband knows exactly how to push my buttons, annoy me, and tease me. But he also knows exactly how to love me, take care of me, and make me laugh. His laid back, carefree attitude helps balance out my high strung craziness and he helps me to not sweat the small stuff and live bigger and better each day. He spoils me like crazy (and I mean CRAZY), puts up with me, and NEVER complains, even when he's worked over 24 hours straight. 

I'd like to think I'm a pretty smart girl if for nothing else than the fact that I said  "I do" to the most hard working and handsome man I know on August 22, 2009. 

Derek, you are my husband, my soul mate, and my very best friend. I am blessed to be your wife. 

This morning we are dropping James off at my parents and headed for a three day stay-cation. We're staying at an Embassy in OC and planning on seeing movies, eating fancy, shopping, and lounging. I'm so excited to get three whole days JUST THE TWO OF US. 

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of our wedding photos with you. There are about 500 so I narrowed it down a LOT for you. 

^^ My something old was my grandma Erlene's pearl necklace that I made into a bracelet. She passed when I was in the 10th grade so it was special to me to have something of hers there. 

^^ My handsome groom. 

^^ Love this little special touch that my husband brought. All the groomsmen and my groom wore these matching skate shoes. 

^^ Obsessed with how amazing our cake looked and tasted. We've stuck with the bakery who did it ever since and now order ALL our cakes from them. It was lemon and delicious and even matched our color scheme. 

^^ Bridesmaid dresses. Yellow is my favorite. 

^^ Fun fact: my parents were married in this same church and my mom has an identical photo to this one in front of this same stain glass window. I loved recreating it! 

That's a wrap. 

Cheers to four years and many, MANY more!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 5th a few weeks ago :) I love the little touches like the guys' shoes and your grandma's necklace! So sweet :)