Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

^^ Something funny to start your week off with. I love angry cat. 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a fabulous week and have some fun things in store for this week!

Last week was spent home in Bakersfield with my main men. We went to Fresno for two nights while my husband worked a super short job up there. Fresno is two hours north of us. They put us up in a really nice Holiday Inn so I didn't mind tagging along at all! 

I am SO happy today you guys! My husband is on VACATION! That word is really not in his work vocabulary so this is huge for us. Today we are driving to Orange County to stay at Disneyland with his family who is here from Seattle. We will stay there and hang with them and do all the touristy stuff that I love until Thursday. Then on Thursday we will say bye to his fam and bring James to my parents house because Thursday is our anniversary! Derek and I will be moving hotels to further down South and spend three nights there. Basically a stay-cation of sorts. James will get spoiled rotten by my parents so it's a win- win for everyone. 

I am just so tickled pink that my husband has off for one whole week and that we will get some alone time together. That NEVER happens. 

I have posts planned for this week while I'm away and next week I hope to share some photos of our little trip with you all. 

Anyway, here's what we've been saying hello to..

Hello to my new favorite morning drink. It's delicious and it's cheap!

Hello to spending lots of time at our favorite indoor jump place. They got all new jumpers and James was in heaven. Seriously you guys, if you don't already, follow me on Instagram. Fitzwilliamss is the name. I posted a video of James going down these slides and you will die. He is so brave. He is a crazy man and was just FLYING down them. 

Hello to good ol' Popsicle days. 

And hello to picking tree bark. So fun. He's styling while doing it. 

Hello to shameless selfies with my handsome husband. 

Hello to someone getting his very own little TV chair and hello to looking really cute in it. 

Hello morning Starbucks and bless you. Bless you so hard. 

Hello to Monday morning donut and movie dates with your bestie. 

Hello to some light afternoon reading and going over some business plans. 

Hello to pure excitement and joy. 

Hello to one happy little boy who lights up his mommas life. 

Hello to seeing the world through a little ones eyes. Full of wonder, happiness, and things to explore. It makes me feel like a kid again. And that's a wonderful thing. 

^^ Hello to the best thing I've ever seen. 

Hello to awkward hotel selfies, denim on denim, admitting that you have an obsession with knot tie headbands, and ordering more for your collection. 

Hello to the little boy who has my whole heart. 

Hello to cuddle sessions. 

Hello to the best snuggler in the world. 

Hello to my baby hulk. Kid is tiny but dang, he can pull and lift a TON. 

Hello to best friend time. 

Hello to play dates. 

Hello to my blurry boys. 

Hello to Sunday tradition of Starbucks, church, and the jump house. 

Hello to cherished time and new memories. 

Hello to the many faces of James while waiting way too long at a drive thru. 

What are your plans for the week? What are you saying hello to?

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  1. Have a great time while your hubs is on vacay! It's going to be a crazy couple weeks for me at work so I'm trying to put my head down but also enjoy the last couple weeks of summer. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always