Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our New Pet

James got a new pet.

He's a turtle. 

We named him Tony. 

He used to live in the mall. 

He set me back $6. 

He's a balloon. 

And James is still over the moon about him. Also, swords. 

Outfit Details- 

Leggings- Old Navy

Moccasins- c/o Freshly Picked


  1. Replies
    1. :) turtle has been everywhere with us the last three days!!

  2. Ahhh too cute for words!! I love his pet. A balloon is the best kind of pet.

  3. oh my word! your blog is darling!

  4. HIS OUTFIT IS ADORABLE. I was just thinking about children and pets... I was thinking about it because I saw a fish tank & I was thinking of how fish die so easily and I'd hate my daughter to be sad over that :( I will get her a balloon fish :P