Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet Little Hip Squeaks

Little Hip Squeaks is my new favorite go to. I went from never having heard of them before, to buying James six pairs of leggings and shorts. Ya, I'm crazy. And I love to shop.

Little Hip Squeaks is run by an awesome Brooklyn momma named Amy who has some amazing designs up her sleeve. 

I dig all the neon in her shop and all the crazy good modern prints. I also love that she makes her prints into shorts and not JUST leggings. I've always thought more shops should do that. 

I love EVERYTHING, (seriously it was so hard for me to narrow things down and I still chose a ton) but here are some favs-



And hello they even have hats and headbands!!

Are you dying or are you dying?! Have you ever seen so many amazing colors and patterns in one place? Didn't think so. 

You can shop Little Hip Squeaks here.

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