Friday, August 30, 2013

USA For The Win

We love a good patriotic tee over here. Especially one that isn't in your face red white and blue. So obviously we were thrilled when Prefresh sent James this one. Their clothes are SO soft and stylish. The perfect combo. 

^^ So lately James wants to take his sword everywhere. And I mean literally everywhere. Even to bed. Sleeping with a sword can not be comfortable so as soon as he falls asleep, I move said sword back in the toy box. 

^^ Also worth noting is this little TV chair that James is in love with. We picked it up at Target and he sits so cutely in it to watch his movies now. Just like a little man. 

^^ Getting a really close look at some bugs. 

And some playground shots-- Please note that it is like 110 degrees here. Is there an award entitled "Awesome mom who puts up with the heat so her son can play?" Because I should really get that award. Sweating bullets over here. 

And the greatest picture ever- 


Static like whoa. 

Outfit Details- 

Tee- c/o  Prefresh Kids

Leggings- Thief And Bandit

Sandals- Salt Waters 

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