Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're Back At Our Happy Place

Our passes are done being blocked for the summer and we are back at Disneyland aka our happy place!

You know what that means! Lots of Disney pictures in your future. Your favorite, I know. 

^^ Sweetest boy in the whole world. Seriously. 

So Disneyland was having this special Lost Friends thing where annual pass holders could do a meet and greet with characters that are never really in the park. 

One of my friends is "Hercules" so we wanted to go and see him. 

^^ As you can see, James was not overly thrilled. He was pretty terrified of Hades. But look at how cute my overalls are! Haha

^^ And we still managed a good photo too! Love. 

Peter Pan and his whole gang were there and that was pretty exciting for James! All the kids ran to see Peter Pan and Wendy but James ran to see Hook and Smee. Love my kid. 

Outfit Details-

Tee- C/O Prefresh

Moccasins- C/O Freshly Picked

And now for a ton of Baby Gizmo blogs by me- 


  1. adorable! you're such a stylish mama!

  2. I love your outfit & OMG hades does look pretty creepy ha ha! Is it wrong if I say one reason my husband & I are excited for our baby girl to come already is so we can go to places like this and it's alright?! Ha ha! I can't WAIT to take her here!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

    1. Disney is so fun! You guys will have a blast!!!

  3. Hercules is one of my favorite Disney movies & now that I have my son, it makes it ok for me to take pics like this, right? ;) Also love this Lost friends thing. Seems cool. Need to check it out when the boy is mobile.

    1. It was only that one week. Not any longer. Sorry friend :( if you have an annual pass then they do it yearly though I'm pretty sure!!

  4. So fun to see you guys back at 'home'! Hope you enjoyed it! Looking great as always!

  5. Still cannot get over my jealousy that you get to go to Disneyland so often... I've only been there once in my whole life!

    Sarah @ Life As Always