Saturday, August 3, 2013

Being This Boys Mom

Being this boys mom is a joy. 

My biggest pleasure. 

A blessing. 

The most important thing to me. 

What I'm called to do. 

Watching James grow is a gift. 

Seeing him smile and laugh warms my heart. 

Every moment spent with him is cherished. 

I love him more than anything. That's why I constantly take him places, adventure with him, and get him out of the house so he can learn and grow and explore. 

That's why I brave the 110 degree heat to take him to the playground, why I swim with him in our pool twice a day and why I watch the same Veggie Tales about Pirates every single day. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for this boy. Nothing. 

Outfit Details- 

Tank- Old Navy

Shorts- Currently at Target

Sandals- Salt Waters


  1. ahh these photos are adorable! What a cutie!

    Hannah x

  2. Too Cute!
    Kids really are what makes life worth living
    They are for me anyway :)

    1. Amen me too obviously ;) I live for this kid.