Friday, August 16, 2013

Brooklyn Represent

So Tuesday we drove up to Fresno to spend two nights while my husband worked a super short job up there. They put him up in a Holiday Inn so hey, why not. Curse those cinnamon rolls though. They are my favorite free breakfast item but I'm proud to say I resisted every time. 

So we got in Tuesday night and headed back home yesterday so we really only got one day in Fresno. I actually have become quite fond of Fresno and always have an easy time finding things to do there. We jam packed Wednesday full of things to do. We went to the Fresno Zoo, we did two different playgrounds, two shopping centers, water fountains, PLUS we ate out for breakfast lunch and dinner. It was a lot but it was a blast. 

So anyway, today I'm sharing our day from Fresno and funny enough James rolled into town being a West Coast Kid sporting East Coast Clothes. Brooklyn clothes to be specific. 

Liz, the sweet owner of Cute Attack Kids in Brooklyn, sent James this awesome Brooklyn mustache tee. Her kids store is full of the coolest, trendiest clothes for kids and she's about to re-launch her website so stay tuned. 

I bought James' leggings from Amy at Little Hip Squeaks who is ALSO located in Brooklyn. I love how NEON they are. They definitely make a cool statement. 

This outfit is a perfect example of how dressing little boys can be even better than dressing little girls. If you're resourceful and know where to look, you'll find hidden gems of clothing stores and your boys will be crazy styling. Another reason I love supporting unique, one of a kind mom and pop shops! They are always better!! 

^^ Breakfast in Fresno. 

Some playground pictures- (Remember our new turtle pet I talked about yesterday? He's been with us everywhere. I'm secretly hoping he deflates soon because he's becoming a lot more high maintence than I expected.)

^^ Most of my photos are a blur like this because my kid is so fast, so daring, and is always jumping or running. 

Some zoo shots- 

^^ Petting sting rays. We also fed giraffes which was awesome but no pictures. James refused the stroller so I was basically carrying him the whole time. It was 110 degrees and the zoo always feels hotter so after an hour it was unbearable and we left. 

We did some other things that I don't have pictures of and even though it was wicked, wicked hot-- we still had a blast. I love my boy and all the adventures we have SO much. 

So there you have it- Brooklyn meets Fresno. 

Brooklyn Tee c/o- Cute Attack Kids

Leggings- Little Hip Squeaks

Moccasins- Freshly Picked

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  1. Well I haven't generally been on board with the whole mustache trend, but I must admit that shirt is pretty darn cute on him. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Ya I've never been into them either but this is just too cute!!!