Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aquarium Fun

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we are headed to Fresno for two nights while my husband works a short job up there. They are putting him up in a fancy hotel so we thought we'd tag along. 

Anyway, Last week while we were visiting my family we visited the Long Beach Aquarium Of The Pacific with my dad. He had the whole week off so I was so excited to get to spend some time with him. (He's usually working a lot when we come down).

The aquarium was really fun and James had a BLAST! He ran around like a crazy man stressing me out, we lost my dad for about 30 minutes (the man is known to wonder), and I had to bribe James with a Jamba Juice BUT besides that, it was amazing... Haha. What do you expect with a two year old, right?!

Here is my little wild man wearing his amazingly cute new shirt from Piccolini NYC (Remember I did a post about them recently?)

^^ Feeding the birds. So James tried to pet all the birds which you aren't supposed to do and they kept biting him.  He was not a fan after that. The birds LOVED my dad. I swear he had four on him at one time. So popular. 

^^ They had a water playground there which was obviously a hit. James had the time of his life as you can see. 

How freaking cute are these pictures ^^^ ?!!! James kissed and hugged every single penguin. He is the sweetest boy in the whole entire world. 

^^ My dad and James. Melt my heart. 

^^ West Coast Kid meets East Coast with his NY shirt and even a pretzel. 

We had SUCH A GOOD DAY! I highly recommend the aquarium if you're ever in the area. It was so nice to spend time with two of my favorite guys!!

Outfit Details- 

Tee- c/o  Piccolini NYC

Leggings- Thief And Bandit

Moccs- c/o  Freshly Picked


  1. Those kissing penguin pictures - SO CUTE!!! And now I want a pretzel.

  2. That looks like an amazing time! We're in Chattanooga for a few days and there's an aquarium in walking distance. I thought about taking him tomorrow, and I might just have to do that. I love your little guy's outfit! He's always so stylin'!

    1. You should take him! You guys would have so much fun!! Hope you'll share photos!

  3. There is nothing better than spending time with your little guy except for spending time with your little guy and daddy. I'm such a daddy's girl!

    It looks like you all had a blast. I can't believe he could actually touch the penguins. That is too cool :)

    1. They were fake penguins haha. But he was adorable with them!!!