Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Kid

Let me state the obvious- this post is titled my kid because James is wearing a shirt that says kid.

^^ Taking an important call. 

Two funny things that James said last week while visiting my parents- 

1. He randomly looked at me one day and said: "Mommy, hair, cute!" Sweet talker. 

2. My mom was letting James play outside in the backyard and she told him that it was time to come inside. James replied, "Two minutes." Isn't it hilarious how kids hear things once, remember them, and then repeat? 

Two years old is SO fun you guys. It can be challenging, yes.. But mostly it's just FUN. 

So here are some fun photos I took of James on a recent trip to 2nd street in Long Beach. They have the best restaurants there and cute shops, too. 

^^ Love this one. He wanted to take the bear home with him. 

^^ Inside Powell's Sweet Shoppe. There is a Powell's in Downtown Chico where we lived for four short months while I was pregnant with James and it is a candy lovers dream come true. They have everything you could ever imagine. Even the old school candies you thought they didn't make anymore. There's one on 2nd Street that is totally worth checking out. Look at James' face! Totally sums up my feelings exactly, buddy! 

Licorice whip for the win! 

Outfit Details- 

Kid Tee- Hello Apparel

Leggings- Old Navy. They had all their leggings on sale for $4 in the girls section. Go run to your local Old Navy! (I couldn't find them online)

Sandals- Salt Waters

Hat- New at Target

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  1. Ah yes, I hear they can be quite the little parrots at this age! Loving this outfit. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always