Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day, y'all! Honestly, this is probably the most boring and lame Hello Monday post I've done and that's because we've been sick and things have been CRAZY. Let me fill you in. 

Hello to a whole lot of medicine and a whole lot of not feeling well. James came down with a gnarly cold and then passed it on to me, and then Derek got it too. A bad cold can really kick your butt and that's exactly what it did. We basically spend all day Monday and Tuesday laying around the house. Wednesday I finally felt well enough to venture out of the house for a whole hour. 

Hello to being thrifty. Something I never am. I buy expensive, I don't look for deals, and I'm not a bargain shopper. But dude, see all of that above.. I got it all for about $8. We have a VHS player and it has proven to be the smartest thing we've ever purchased. It was $10 and it enabled us to start a super cheap VHS collection. I got all of those Disney movies for less than $5. I picked up two of my fav Steve Martin flicks for less than $1 and then we got James the PlayMobil for $2 at Kohl's with a $10 coupon they sent me in the mail. 

If you don't already own a VHS player, do yourself a favor and go spend the $10 on it. You can find so many tapes for about a dime at Goodwill. So worth it. 

Hello to time with my husband. In cass you missed my little blurp of an announcement on Saturday, my husbands last day at work in Bakersfield was Wednesday. We have been praying so hard that we would get placed near my family in LA or OC next and Thursday while we were inside a movie with James my husband got THE BIG CALL. We are so thrilled that we are going to be in PASADENA next!! We will be close by my family, friends, shopping, and EVERYTHING that I love about California. 

So we spent all day Saturday looking for a place. The very last place we saw was PERFECT AMAZING and we put in apps instantly. We were the first ones to view the house because I saw it right when it got listed. Sunday morning we got a call that we got it! We headed to Bakersfield right away even though we had JUST driven from there. We rented a U Haul and packed up our whole apartment. Today we are signing the lease and moving everything in. 

The place is amazing. It's a huge house within walking distance from Colorado Blvd shopping. It's a great area. All hardwood floors. The living room alone is the size of our previous apartment. It is just gorgeous and huge and has so much character and I'm so in love with it.  I will share photos soon. 

SO... Now you can understand why this post is short. I've had a LOT going on. 

I'll leave you with this little slice of awesome and will update more when I get the chance!!


  1. Oh my gosh I totally used to have ALL of those movies, but I gave them away to Goodwill a few years ago during a cleaning fit... now I kind of regret it!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. I'm totally trying to collect all of them for James!!