Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

Before I start today's post I want to tell everyone to tune in to the season premier of Price Is Right tomorrow at 10am because I'm going to be on it! My sister and I went three months back on her 18th birthday and tomorrow morning is our show date! Yes, I WILL GET CALLED DOWN. So WATCH! Tomorrow I will be back to share some fun facts about Price Is Right, what it's like, the interview process, and all that insider jazz.. 


Wow, what another great week we had! I made some more serious progress in the new house and completed FOUR DIY PROJECTS! That's more DIY projects in one week than I've done in my entire life. 

You guys are probably going to be hearing the "progress" phrase a lot because I have come to learn that the "process" is ever going. 

Another week where we went to Disneyland a lot... A whopping THREE TIMES THIS WEEK! I've decided that needs to become a regular thing. We had coffee dates with our sweet friends who were the first friends to see our new place, volunteered at a church event on Saturday, Derek and I got to squeeze in a date night at the dollar theater, and we had another great worship service on Sunday. 

Here are some photos- 

Hello to pirate attire and morning cartoons. I never ever thought I would be so richly blessed as to have this little pirate loving boy as my son. September 19th (last Thursday) was national pirate day but everyday is national pirate day in the Williams house! 

Hello to dentist appointments. My very favorite. Does that make me weird? I love going to the dentist and mine is the very best. 

Hello to another favorite new coffee. Starbucks in a box for my fridge! My target only had the mocha one but I'm dying to try the vanilla!

Hello to searching Pinterest for Halloween costumes for James only to find this genius idea of dressing your kid up like Dwight Schrute! I want to do this so bad but James would not go for it. He wants to be Peter Pan, Hook, Smee, or Jake. He goes back and forth between which one on any given day. 

Hello to the coolest new car wash place my husband found that fills your tank with gas while it's getting washed! Love it. 

Sorry this post is short you guys, we have had a LOT going on. Seriously, my calendar is crazy booked with play dates and places to go, just the way we like it! 


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  1. all i can say is i hope you won some goodies or even a new car! but just the experience alone i'm sure was priceless! especially to share it with your sister. hope you are having an amazingly busy + fun filled week. x