Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pasadena And Playgrounds

Basically the first thing we did when we got our place in Pasadena was checked out the playground that's right around the corner from us. 

We took a break from all of the unpacking and headed out to explore this new playground that will become OURS. No one was there. It was 95 degrees, and James loved it. 

^^ It was so hot my poor baby turned beat red and was ready to go home after 30 minutes. 

This California weather lately has been BRUTAL AND NASTY. It feels like Florida weather because it is SO humid and muggy and gross. I can't wait for it to go away and for Fall to officially arrive. 

We are really loving our new city and our new neighborhood. It's glorious! And we owe it all to God! We are so blessed in so many ways and finding this home is just another blessing to add to the list. 

Outfit Details- 

Tank was gifted from Hello Apparel. 

Leggings were gifted from Mason And The Tambourine. 

Moccasins were gifted from Freshly Picked. 

Hey, thanks everyone! James loves all these clothes!

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