Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Water Balloons

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So yesterday we got everything from our Bakersfield place moved into our new Pasadena place. Now all we need to do is head to our storage unit (which is thankfully close by) and get all of James' nursery things out (and a few extra things) and get that all over to the new house. 

This place is so big so we need to buy some new furniture, too. I need some nice rugs, a new table, bookshelves, who knows what else! I've got lots of empty space that I'm excited to fill up. 

So on a totally different subject, here is James having a blast throwing water balloons at my parents house. 

Water balloons are his new favorite thing. Every time we go to my parents house he gets my mom to blow up about 50 for him. 

As soon as he finishes throwing the bucket of balloons, he shouts "MORE PLEASE!" He would probably stand in the backyard and throw water balloons all day if we let him. 

Doesn't he look so handsome in these photos? Usually I think cute or something but I feel like he's looking a little more grown up and handsome now. 

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! 

Outfit Details- 

Tank- C/O Hello Apparel 

Shorts- Target


  1. Well he does look especially handsome! :) I love his water-balloon hobby, so cute. I'm glad to hear your move is going well!! Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been so busy and am SO behind on my blog posts! I have 72 unread posts in bloglovin, eek!

    1. Haha you have a lot of reading to do :) welcome back!!!