Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

Time again for my weekly wrap up post. 

This week was all about being productive. I finished cleaning our Bakersfield apartment and turned in the keys, and we made a lot more progress in the new house. We also got a lot of errands done, went to Disneyland TWICE, and had breakfast with my sweet cousin who just moved to LA. We also enjoyed having daddy off this weekend.. Did I mention he gets every weekend off and every other Friday off too?! Ya, it's the best. On Sunday we were blessed to be able to worship along side some of our besties who just planted a church in Hollywood. We checked out an Estate sale, our first of many I think, and Sunday night my family came over for pizza and movies. My dad and husband played video games while the girls crafted some new things for our new house and James helped. All in all it was an amaing week! 

Hello to my little helper. What, you don't put your two year old to work too?! James begs me to let him swiffer!

Hello to James finally getting the concept of Hide and Seek. 

Hello to a dinner on the go. On Wednesday I sat in traffic for over an hour to bring James to my parents house. Then I sat in the car for another two hours to get to Bakersfield so I could finish cleaning and packing and turn in the keys. Then I drove ANOTHER two hours to get home. The keys are turned in and I'm so happy to be out of there. 

Hello to eating breakfast in pirate attire. 

Hello to a child who can sleep ANYWHERE. 

Hello to telling James to make a funny face with me only to get this...

Hello to some shopping at The Depot. 

Hello to Steve Martin being my neighbor. Do you guys recognize this house?!!

Hello to my sweet little perfect doll baby. I love him more than anything. Especially when he is all smiles. 

How was your week? What did you do? Leave me a comment and fill me in!


  1. oh my gosh, i love that movie! def one of my top 5
    xo Jessica

  2. Steve Martin is your neighbor???? OMG so awesome. Is that the house from Father of the Bride? Your week sounds like it was just about perfect. ;) I love those protein bistro boxes!

    1. Hahahahaha well he very well could be my neighbor because Pasadena is awesome and ritzy but I meant because it was the father of the bride house. Haha it's just down the street from us! I live off those protein boxes!!