Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Monday, Hello James

Wow. To say this past week was busy is a total understatement. I feel like my calendar has never been so packed and now I'm ready to just rest and relax. Now that we're living back near friends and family, there are always people to see and things to do. This week was crazy. 

Monday I had a friend over who I used to work with for breakfast, Tuesday we had our Price Is Right viewing party, Wednesday my friend came over for lunch on his lunch break (he works in Pasadena) and our dear friends and their kids came over for dinner that night. Thursday James and I went to meet a sweet Instagram friend of mine and her new baby for lunch and had a great time. I love meeting my Instagram friends!! Friday James and I went to Disneyland and met up with one of my friends from High School and her son who I haven't seen in years and then spent the rest of the day at my family's house. Saturday we spend the day as a family exploring Colorodo Blvd and saw Despicable Me 2 at the dollar theater at night because James loved it so much the first time. Sunday we went to church and then my aunt and cousins came over to see our new place. So yes, this week has been both crazy and fun all at the same time! Plus on top of that add errands, house decorating, and several playground visits!

I've also been getting back into the swing of running at least two miles a day. I was doing really well and this move just totally threw me off. No excuses so now I'm back at it. 

This week I left our calendars a lot more open so we can take things easy and not be on the go every day. Don't get me wrong, I love staying busy and going out, but you've got to have a balance! So instead of having something planned everyday I only have things planned for five days. Hey, that's a start! 

Everything in our home is pretty much done. I will always want to add more things but for the most part, we're all settled and done. At this point I'm just waiting for a gazillion purchases to get here so I can get them up! 

Anyway, here are some photos and tid bits from our week. 

Hello to just because flowers. The best kind of flowers. 

Hello to my city having the most beautiful city hall of all. Also the city hall used to film my favorite TV show, Parks and Rec. 

Hello go me on TV. Everyone always says TV adds ten pounds so I was presently surprised with how I looked. I think I need a talk show now. Who do I call to make that happen!?

Hello to nightly walks with Peter Pan and Nana. 

Hello to keeping it classy. I stole this picture from my husbands Instagram. 

Hello to meeting one of your long time Instagram friends in real life, meeting her precious daughter, hitting it off, and having a great time! 

Hello to fun family outings. 

Hello to Starbucks on National coffee day Sunday. Best holiday ever. 

Hello to bringing your sword with you EVERYWHERE. 

How was your week? What did you do? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness, you guys have been busy! So totally random, but the other day my husband's aunt was also on Price is Right, and she won! Crazy... I go my whole life and then within a week I know two people on that show!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. Oh wow, you are busier than I am and I didn't think that was possible! Hope you all get some downtime this week. I love going but after a few days of it, I get worn down!

    1. Now that we've moved back home we are busy constantly. But good busy. Disneyland. Seeing friends.. With family. It's amazing!! Keeps us on our toes