Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Disneyland With New Friends

We recently met some new fun friends at Disneyland. My Instagram friend Brooke and I have lots in common and both love Disney among other things (like diaper bags and our husbands have very similar jobs) so we decided to meet up at Disneyland with our littles in tow. Brooke's sweet daughter Avery was adorable and James and I had a blast. 

Isn't it funny how you can meet good friends on Instagram? It sounds weird but it's true! I've met a lot of gals who are so sweet and who I really connect with. Sadly a lot of them live on the opposite side of the country from me and I hope to meet them one day. But a few of them live close by and that makes me happy. 

James and I are always down to meet some new friends! 

We had an awesome morning and I took some photos (obviously) so take a look. 

^^^ Ahhh heart exploded right?! Avery kept hugging James on Small World and it was so sweet! 

Cheers to Disney and cheers to friends! 

Outfit Details-

Brooklyn Tee- c/o Cute Attack Store

Shorts- Target

Shoes- Vans

My Outfit Details- 

Shirt Dress- Free People

Leggings- Junior section of Target

Sandals- Salt Waters

Tassel Necklace- Ascot Friday 


  1. I LOVE that you made a friend on instagram!! I've never made any friends on instagram, maybe I don't use enough hashtags??

    I have made lots of blogging buddies though, and I love that. But none of them live in my state.

    Do you guys have the same stroller? So cute.

    1. Haha yes. She just has an older model :)

      I've actually met two Instagram friends for the first time last week. So fun!!!

  2. How fun! I went to Disney World at 13 and I swear I'd go back and enjoy it just as much now :) Glad you all had a great time!

  3. I love it when Internet friends become real life friends!
    It's even better when their kiddos become friends too!