Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Messy Hair Don't Care

I am SO. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. OUTFIT. Just thought you guys should know. Whoever said it was more fun to dress girls was SERIOUSLY kidding themselves. Dressing my boy is hands down what I live for and I'm obsessed with this whole ensemble. 

Quinn and Fox sent us this tee and it's PERFECT for James because his wild hair is always messy and all over the place. Some mornings I will even style it with product and a brush and it still somehow gets messy five minutes later. This tee was made for James. Quinn and Fox is a rad little shop that makes awesome tees in limited quantities that way if you are lucky enough to be able to snag one, it really is a one of a kind special tee that not everyone and their mom has. 

As a mom who dresses her son in very unique, one of a kind items, I truly appreciate that!!

James' leggings are from my sweet friend Jennifer who is AMAZING. And his moccs are the pumpkin color- tis the season. 

Anyway, pumpkin moccs on we headed to a pumpkin patch last week to pick out some pumpkins for James to carve and color. Last year we did the same but I don't think James remembers it at all. He was only one and too little to really get into it. This year though he has been pointing out pumpkins to me every time he sees them so I was really excited to take him to pick out his very own! We had such a great time and James loved it!! Here's some photos I took- 

Have you guys visited the pumpkin patch yet? You've only got a couple more days to go and it makes for great photo ops!

Outfit Details- 

Tee- c/o Quinn And Fox

Leggings- Jen Ann Cook

Pumpkin moccs- c/o Freshly Picked


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    1. They're sold out :( they gifted me literally the last one!

  2. Can you ask James if I can borrow that shirt? And wear it like every single day for the rest of my life? LOL